Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sort of Losing My Job...On a serious note...

Apparently as a combat vet, an angry, overly cautious vet, I blew it. I tracked a guy through the bank that had gotten past me a couple of times and used our phones. I'd thought he was an employeed. Turns out, he wasn't. I fixed that by finding out everything I could about the man. His description, car, plate, etc. I made a stink of it.

Maybe too much. I drew attention to my shortcomings. I'm comfortable with that. But this bullshit corporate fuck you over shit is crap. I stepped over the line, literally to the next property to say hi to a guard and watch the lot and my boss thought I was dicking around. Fuck this shit. Now I've switched locations to North Haven as a loss prevention guard. And I'm sure my job security's shit like before.

My brief Resume:
4 years in the infantry
6 or so in criminal justice
1 plus in nonprofit
5 year college degree in criminal justice.

That job was fucking beneath me. Beneath me. I stayed because I liked the people I worked for. Not any other reason. I had opportunities. I feel betrayed and pissed. Fuck corporate and bank bullshit. Fuck a cock, you bailout fuckers.

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