Saturday, August 29, 2009

Google's out to get me.

By now, we must have had tens of hits. And look, Google doesn't even have any listing of the blog here. Search Results for Skininjasmustdie It's a travesty.

Write your local congressman (woman-doesn't matter) or someone high up in the government. My blog, which hasn't fully realized itself isn't even recognized in the internets. They are repressing the site. It's true.

Some people may claim, there's no such thing as a ski ninja, that it's a scary campfire story to keep children toeing the line of morality. But there's proof.

I think it's because I've found something. Something so dastardly and damning, that the interweb president is stopping search engines from bouncing all over my site. It may be this. Or this.

You be the judge. Ski ninja out!!!

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