Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Web Review...War With Canada

I discovered this site during college. I was probably drunk, banging lotsa chicks and having the time of my life when I happened across this site. It progressed or destroyed my sense of humor, I'm still not sure.
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The site itself was probably written and created by an educated man, from Florida. The site hinted at such. As we all know, Florida borders Canada and his reasoning can be justified. He probably hates hockey too, like good red blooded Americans.

I googled the website. It's probably buried among other semi-legitimate pages. Right now, slightly buzzed on vodka tonics, I can't seem to get to it, so here's a picture of what the guy may look like. The site needs to be resurrected and brought into the limelight. If there's a hidden enemy of the US worse and isideous than Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, the Republican Party, and New Jersey, it's Canada. Someone needs to bring it back.

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