Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here at Fort Benning!!! AWESOME!

I am writing a short blog to my one (possibly) reader, to explain that I have been recalled into the army. I am currently awaiting word if I am mentally and physically fit for war. I don't actually know, but I have fought to stay.

It's like basic, where you only are beholden to what you admit in your in processing medical check. I admitted a few issues that red flagged me and am currently in medical hold. There are about 150 new call backs due in today. The massive recall of military personnel has been grossly overlooked by the media. A few spots have been published when one of us makes a stink (read: the mother of two who can't leave her kids with her truck driver husband).

I plan on continuing this blog with the hope that it gains momentum. I will be publishing pictures, reviews, news, insites and ideas on this if I am to be sent to Iraq.

The things I will miss most are my girlfriend, black and yellow labs, and my Best Friend's Wedding. (I am the best man)

I also was featured on the front page of the Hartford Courant...I'll update that on the next blog. The article coincided with my recall, to the day.

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