Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where's Jew the Plumber When We Need him???

I know, some of you may not like the title. But eat it, plebeians!
We need a damn plumber of our own for the left. I mean Joe seems
a bit crazed. He claims Obama's going to cause the downfall of Israel
if he gets elected. That seems a bit far fetched. We need an answer!

Jew the plumber needs to reveal himself. He needs to come down from his
100th floor office managing hedge funds and dominating the media just in time
for the election and campaign for Obama. Please find me one. They don't have to
be fat or hairy or cracked up. (you know, the butt, a beautiful butt)

I'll give him some talking points like,
"Jews Don't just control the media and banks, or cause wars, we love Obama Too!"

"Hedge Funds don't hurt people, they enrich them. Fuck you little guys, ha ha ha!"

Just kidding. Joe the plumber's what we used to call in the army a FUCKTARD!!!

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